Chase High School History

      With work, politics, and dedication, Chase High School was born near its present location. On May 19, 1910, the voters indicated that a larger school was needed in Chase to replace a smaller one located on the west side of town. William Kenton donated two lots north of the City Park; in return, the City worked on improving the park area. Sidewalks were added, trees were removed, and holes were filled in. From there, work was started on a spacious two story building.
      On September 19, 1911, the building opened its doors for a new school year. The senior class, two girls and four boys, were the first to graduate from the new, accredited high school. With the new school, students also gained many activities and new experiences. Football, basketball, and baseball teams were organized for the boys; the girls played three basketball games as well. Music groups were also formed, and the first annual was published.
      Later in the 1920s, the community decided that two buildings were needed. Up until that point, grade school and high school classes had been held in the 1911 building. The new high school was built in 1923 and remains part of the present day school. Students moved in midterm in early 1924. With the move, they gained space and a new gym.
     In 1928, work began on finding a mascot. Drawings and suggestions were accepted for the emblem. The Student Council presented three choices to the student body. They chose "Felix the Kat" on October 4, 1928. The name originated from a popular comic character. Felix was a silent movie cartoon in 1914, but he also became a newspaper comic strip in 1923. From there, his popularity grew into comic books, toys, books, games, etc. He was also being seen in movie theaters in addition to the main feature. By 1930, the silent Felix cartoon came to an end, but in the late 1940s, Felix moved to the TV screen where he appeared in 260 short cartoons. This little cat faced adventures, enemies, and travels in his many cartoons. The district has received legal permission to use this copyrighted character for its mascot.
Information from Kloxin, Florence. Chase, America. North Newton, Kansas: Mennonite Press, Inc, 1979.